Saturday, March 26, 2011


Better later than never- time to say Goodbye to the cold season and celebrate spring with Vivaldi´s seasons´ in the music-corner;)
Today I´ll spend my time outdoors with my friend- no work at home! Well, actually,there is enough to do at home (revising,preparing for work,ironing;( ...) but I won´t do anything for the next hours;) I hope that the weather will stay as great as yesterday. Time for other photos;)) Yeahh! Missed the colors, flowers and the sun. What about you? What´s your favorite season?

Have a great day!
Here´s the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David Garett-Vivaldi Winter

Here Vivaldi´s spring!


  1. As I said once you are a special person! ^,^
    What a wonderful videos, especially the second!
    Thank you for sharing! It's really very beautiful together: music and splendid photos.
    Honey, the sun is shining bright today! As I'm happy! It's amazing how the sun can transform my soul... ah... I love this light divine!

    Have fun with your friend! Take enough that spring is a season so beautiful! So smells the colors and aromas...
    Beijos e queijos... flowers and love.

    P.S. - Lovely yellow flower... ^,^

  2. Hi Teca, I´m happy to hear that you enjoyed the music, photo and the sun! And you are right- sun is soooo important for our souls- I didn´t see enough sunlight today. Just rainy;( but therefore I had time to bake;) See next post;)Beijos e queijos, too.


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)