Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Light in the Dark

I love sitting near the oven and watch the fire, so relaxing. I had to take pictures of the flames...I love this warmth in the cold season:)) It has started to snow in some regions but not in mine. But I´m prepared for the snow to come, my car has already snow tires and I´m looking forward to taking pictures of the first snow!

Had to think of Elton´s song "Circle of Life". 
We all know, that life is a challenge. Every day is something special. Yeah- carpe diem!
But I just heard about a couple´s separation ...
Is careful listening really enough help? I do hope so.

So much going on in my life...at the moment I´m so happy that I´ve finished writing my first chapter!!!! Success-finally I´ve found my self-discipline!Yipieee ! It was about time!  (Hope , I won´t lose it so quickly again;-)
But the more I tried to force myself to write something-the less I could write at the end.
Less writing--what a joke, during the last weeks I didn´t write anything .
So, I´m a bit satisfied and hope to have enough self discipline to go on.
Enjoy your week!


Elton John-Circle of Life


  1. It was very nice to come here... Today I feel a little sad... just a little alone...
    So, I imagined the fire burning... I've lived in a place that we used the fireplace... I looked at the flame and imagined many things... gave a dreamland... peace...
    I liked the music... thanks for all!

    I'm going ... a kiss.

  2. hope, you feel better now:-)


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)