Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tea + Tea-Song = Great Time;-)

Just had my cups of tea--this time I tried for the very first time white tea. Different from green tea, tastes sweet and "light". So, after this energy-shot I have worked till now. Finally I get a little bit of daily routine although I haven´t found a fitting daily schedule due to time management...but I won´t give up finding one;-)

So, note to myself: complete to-do list for this week, work at least on 1 page of writing, cook something for the next day (What? No idea yet, fast kitchen...) Wrote about pumpkins, yes! That´s it. And some zucchinis filled with meat and cheese and some potatoes with parsley!Yummy;-) Have to find a recipe...so enough to do.

Enjoy your day and the following music- so funny, great,..

The Tea Song! Fabulous! Enjoy your cup of tea today with this song;-)


  1. Love the tea song! And I've found, with my scheduling, is that I need to set small daily goals that help me meet weekly and monthly goals. Then it doesn't really matter WHEN I do the tasks, so long as they get done. Good luck with it. And don't forget: NaNoWriMo 2010 is just 4 weeks away. Yipes, I'd better get busy myself!

  2. I try to set small goals, too. But maybe there are too many small daily goals or I am not as consequent as I should be...have to find out;-)


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