Sunday, October 24, 2010

Could be an impressionistic painting, couldn´t it?
See, I´m a bit influenced by my "art" week. For the first time I visited a vernissage of an art exhibition in a bar ( the combination art + bar is really cool, like to combine music+art+going out;-), on an other day I went to the theatre and saw a (satirical) show- very funny, then I was invited to the new Picasso + Michelangelo exhibit in Vienna (in the Albertina) , what else?
Took many pics, fall offers so many great scenes--really fantastic.
See, what I mean? I love these colors!
 Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

Sand-Art, Again something that was new to me-- painting with sand, fantasic! Check it out:-)


  1. A question: is the first image a painting? It's beautiful! Very beautiful!

    The second one is wonderful and the last... ah... so cute...

    Your thinking is very good when you say that "the combination art + bar is really cool, like to combine music + art + going out." That's a great idea, honey!

    Well... it's time to go... see you around! ;)


  2. Teca-- the 1. picture is a photo, that´s a part of what I see when I look outside my window:-)

    ..and I love art in my life! It´s great to find it even in bars or offices or wherever people are.

    So, enjoy art everywhere;)!!


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)