Thursday, October 7, 2010


Stress affects your body as much as food and exercise.
So true. I´m so tired, that even reaching small daily goals has become such a tremendous effort these days.
I was told, that stress is just bad time management... as if I wouldn´t be aware of that.

But too much has happened the last weeks-- so it´s ok to feel exhausted (like after a long hiking trip).
The only thing that worries me is that I´m behind with all my writings (except blogging, because that´s soooo relaxing)...and NaNoWriMo will start in some weeks.

Well, I´m not the only person with bad time management and lots of work, that´s supporting to know.
But it doesn´t help me to get out of my current situation.

Much work+ bad timing= stress+more work
Stress+too much work= bad mood+ no time for fam + friends
No time+overworked+bad mood= unbearable for social communities
...so time to break this circle.

I´m not writing this to make you feel sorry for me, I´m just writing my stress away and it´s well known that writing helps to reflect, too...

Writing & Pedagogy: How Reading and Writing Can Change Lives

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