Saturday, October 30, 2010


NaNowriMo will start in more than 1 day!

The last weeks I wondered about how I could handle the writing required for my course, my daily job and how I could participate on NaNoWriMo (to write a novel within a month) as well.

Doesn´t that sound crazy?

It wasn´t easy to find a solution.
You know, I love writing and I want to write a novel like last year, because NaNoWriMo is fun.
I also knew that I have to write many pages for my course But I tried to see it as a realist--

Fact 1. I have do all the work for my job.
Fact 2. I have to write a lot for my course.
Fact 3. I LOVE WRITING! There is my desire, this "need" to write down my ideas.(Sounds weird, doesn´t it?)
Fact 4. My day doesn´t have more than 24 hours (unfortunately).

So, what about writing just for the course -- writing an assignment instead of a  novel?  Nope.
Or quiting writing at all? No way!
Or writing about 1500 words a day, writing some pages for the assignment every day, too and going to work? The final solution? Too unrealistic??

Well, my solution :
I won´t quite my job, so I have to go to work, I have to write something for my course each day and after finishing the writing for the course I´ll spend the rest of the day (at least 1 hour) on writing my novel.
That seems to be a realist way to handle everything.

I´ll see in some days, if this is true;) Then I can tell you more about my writing experiences;-)

So, if you want to become part of this writing community, check out the button on the right and participate!
Let´s rock and write;-))

Wanna become a novelist??


  1. Good luck and achievements.

  2. "rock & write" is certainly the phrase for it! We'll have to encourage each other--and if you can meet your 1 hour per day minimum, you'll have accomplished a lot!

  3. Yes, Eli! Motivating each other is necessary ;-)So, let´s rock and write--and support each other! Go!


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