Thursday, October 28, 2010


Halloween. Hmm.
An old Irish custom brought to the USA by immigrants and since a couple of years it´s back in Europe again.
 A tradition I didn´t know in my childhood and youth-- and I think, I haven´t missed a lot, have I? During the last 10 years the Halloween-business has grown. Now you can buy costumes, skull candles and candies nearly everywhere. But what for? We haven´t celebrated this custom in my country before and to be honest, I really see no sense in doing this.
I know, many of you love thís tradition and that´s ok with me. I don´t have to like everything. To each his own.
But I realize the growing violence each year, even in small villages, where many windows were destroyed, walls smudged,... I can´t see the fun in these actions.
Maybe because I haven´t experienced cool Halloween parties, or I´m too fearful or just old fashioned , but I´m glad, when it´s over.

Then NaNoWriMo will start!

What are your Halloween-experiences?


  1. Good memories from my own childhood, and from my daughter's. I plan to attend the local parade (kids in costumes, lots of carved pumpkins, along 3 blocks to a local park), but I won't have any candy to hand out. Oh well, times change.

  2. Eli--ok, a parade with lots of carved pumpkins seems to make fun, something different to my experiences. that´s a non violent halloween custom I ´d like to see one day.


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