Saturday, March 19, 2011

Time flies

I have the feeling that Í haven´t done anything productive for some weeks- although it isn´t true. I´ve revised my writing, done enough work for the job, ... and we are nearing the end of March!
Due to the doctor´s advice I have started to do some sports but after my fall this hasn´t been that easy. I wanted to start complaining about my shoulder and so on but than I thought about the people in Japan and then all my "troubles" seemed to be so irrelevant.
I´m in the lucky position to be able to visit the doctors and get help; I hope that many people will donate for Japan that the doctors without borders, Caritas, Red Cross an other organisations are able to help many of them there, too.

Well, I hope to get my revisions done till the end of March, I have to. But now I have reached a point where I cannot stand reading the same passages again and again. Bored of my own writing? No, not bored. It´s quite interesting- but I needed a break to be able to reread it again.
I had to stop revising it because I would have shortened the whole introduction and other parts. But I was told it is ok the way it is and I shouldn´t change it...Ok. But the more you read the more you want to change sometimes...

Good, anyway, happy weekend and make the best of your day;)

Great guitar player-Matteo Negrin- plays Nora Jones´"Don´t know why"


  1. First of all, I leave a kiss good day to you. ^,^

    I was very happy with your demonstration to help the Japanese people. They're culturally very well prepared. I was impressed with the news that I saw them on TV. I was very shaken. There were so many problems in so little time... that they can thrive again...
    In relation to your writing, go ahead, calmly and patiently. You will be able to believe in you, honey!
    I loved the video you posted for us: delicious sound... thanks.
    And now, finally, I let my sincere wish for a happy weekend.
    May you rest and play to begin next week with much joy and energy.
    Many beijos e queijos for you, my dear friend.

  2. Hi Teca! Happy to see you here;) You know, although we cannot do a lot for the Japanese people, at least we can remind other bloggers of the possibility to spend some money and thoughts... therefore I love the internet.
    To my writing- I try to stay patiently...but sometimes it´s hard. You don´t know, where to start or where to stop revisions, but compared to all the other troubles out there (Libya, Japan...)my problems aren´t not worth being talked about.
    So, how is your weekend? Did you walk around in the sun?
    I wish you a happy weekend, too.Beijos e queijos!

  3. The sun came out during the week. So when I went to lunch at work, I got a little sun, I saw the blue sky and breathe fresh air near fall.
    Today the sun is shining, but I had both in-house service that could not walk on the riverside.
    Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll take a few laps and distracted me a little.
    Leave you more sweet beijos for your happy Sunday.
    Hey, do you know that sound? I leave to you:

    Love, honey!

  4. At least you had some sunshine;)I hope you can walk around tomorrow yeah, it´s nearly fall in your country, here the spring will start soon--hopefully! Then I´ll be able to post new flower pics. At the moment it´s only cold and rainy, depressing a bit. So I enjoy the photos from last spring and summer.
    Thanks for the music- I have never heard from her. But it´s a cool sound. Here something for you-
    music is great, isn´t it;)?
    So, enjoy it!

  5. Hey, thank you for the song too, and I've never hear before. Jamie Cullum is cool indeed. I liked it! Thanks for the tip, honey!

    Hindi Zahra is sensual, I really like this one I've posted on my blog:

    Enjoy your Sunday, honey!
    Lots of beijos and... love. :))

  6. Thanks again for the link- didn´t know that you have created slideshows as well! I had a look, they are inspiring, I especially love the flowers and sunsets.
    Have a good night- well, here it´s night. Anyway , a good time, my friend!


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