Sunday, May 30, 2010

Under pressure

PS at the end;-)

Normally I ´m a very patient person. Ok, I try to be one most of the time;-)
But this weekend? I have been fighting against my impatience since Friday. I´m not quite sure if I ´ll be the winner of this challenge.
To explain the reason- I set myself deadlines for my writings. And this Sunday ends my deadline for a piece of writing. OMG! Why do I put myself under pressure? There really is no need for that. Well, I have to be ready in 1 month but there are 3 other assignments I have to do as well. Therefore the deadline and the pressure. I´m just explaining it, convincing myself that this weekend has to be the way it is.
I´m used to work under pressure-although I don´t like it. I am a NANOWRIMO-winner, so what!?!
Working on this piece of writing now reminds me of my problems I had at the end of my MS. I couldn´t find an end. Each time I try to finish the draft now I don´t write the conclusion, no! I just revise the rest of the piece!!!! Again and again. So it´s getting longer and longer, I add statistics instead of coming to an end. Help! Why am I doing this?! ....or I blog something....

But I´m feeling better now:-) lol. Writing (in this case blogging) relieves!

So now I´ll finish my draft, bake another cake (´cause I nearly ate the whole I baked yesterday- out of anger;-) then I´ll visit my family and tell them about my success. My success in finishing my writing. (Hopefully!!)

So let´s do it- now. Ciao! (hey , I´m rhyming:-)

PS: I´m done!!! Have to applaud myself;-)))))))))))))))))))))))

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  1. I hate that ..working to deadlines...I'm glad I don't have to do it any more.


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