Sunday, May 2, 2010

Botanical Garden

Dark clouds,as I looked out of my appartment this morning. I planned to go to Vienna to meet a friend and wasn´t pleased of the weather. But I took my umbrella, the train as well;-) and an hour later we met at the train station. After lunch we went to the botanical garden there- just beautiful!

But I needed over 30 years to visit that place in spring;-)!

But it really was worth a visit. I took over 150 photos- it´s crazy, but I couldn´t resist.
So, if you want to visit the garden just follow the picture below.
And I also saw something special in town- curious? Check it out:-)

BTW- it didn´t rain the whole afternoon!! It´s always the same. Whenever I take an umbrella with me, you can be sure, it won´t rain....;-)

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