Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love or hate it

I just baked mum´s cake for tomorrow, thought of Mother´s Day and one song came in my mind- although it has nothing to do with it--MAMMA MIA!

Yes, me too. I must confess that I love this musical and ABBA´s songs. I really love it, have seen it many times, ... Well, sometimes I need this kind of music as well. I know it´s light music- but music. And after listening to the CD or watching the movie (which is fun) you´ll be in a better mood, believe me;-)
And I´m in a better mood, because after today´s ABBA session I´ll drive to a completely different one in an Australian pub. No, wrong , it´s not Outback music.
We´ll hear Rock- Pop- Country- Soul, crazy mixture. I´m looking forward to it.
...and due to the ***weather here, my friends cancelled the BBQ, but the good thing was so I got enough time to finish some of my work. Whoopeeeeeeeee!!!
Time to go out;-)

oh, nearly forgot about my music-corner:

...you´ll love or hate it;-) I had my coming-out;-) I ´m a fan of that musical...oh, come on, that´s not so bad, there is worse music out there!

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