Saturday, May 15, 2010

Harley Days

Today I met a friend ; it was a special day. We didn´t know that it was the last of 3 Harley Days in Vienna. When we left the building the Harley Parade had just started. I don´t know how many bikes I saw, but I think about 1000 .We ( and all the bikers) had luck with the weather- an hour without rain! Great!!!
I forgot my camera at home, took some photos with the cellphone, but they aren´t good ones. So I just copied this Harley-picture from http://www.harley-davidson.com/en_US/Content/Pages/2010_Motorcycles/bike/wide_glide.html

I love these bikes, just because of the shape, the colors and chrome. Today I sat for the very first time in my life on such a bike! Very comfortable;-)
I don´t have a driving license for motorbikes, I wouldn´t buy one but it was nice to watch the parade and look at the different designs.
My highlight on a rainy day.

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