Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bad habit - good news

Well , I did it again.
I know it´s not ok, so what...
You want to know what I did- although I better should have avoided it?
Even if you don´t want, I´ll tell you. No mercy today!
Just one way to escape that horror- skip to another blog;-)
take this one http://martillusions.blogspot.com/ - not many stupid words in there;-), just photos.

Ok, I don´t want to rack you any longer. Don´t be disappointed, it´s not that bad.
I just want to create some tension:-) (Practice for my revisions)
(Oh, Goodness, what a strange introduction! ;-)))))

Ok, back to real life now.
I did it again- I know you´ve read it before. But I have to repeat that sentence some more times to be sure to get the meaning...
To make my long story short-
I have to spend my time in a more useful way, have to organize it more... I know that....but when I have too much to do sometimes I tend to do just the things I like (like writing a post) - not the ones I have to do....bad habit. It´s annoying!
And to sheer away from unwanted stuff I begin with something else,... So, after a while I have to finish more things than I ´ve thought of. I have to learn to do unwanted stuff first- that´s not motivating, I know. But I don´t have another solution at the moment.

I knew these next days´d be a challenge- at work and at home. But knowing something and experiencing is something different. But I have to focus on thinking positively;-)
Well, the indoor-BBQ´s ( because of the rain) are all nice, I look forward to meeting my family and friends, I´ll finish another assignment out of now 7 (hopefully) this weekend, apropos finishing- have to bake a cake for mum (yeah, it´s mother´s day, too;-) and that´s a thing I love to do) and clean the flat, and and and and...the list won´t stop, so I ´d better finish writing, but it´s soooo relaxing.

Nearly forgot about the good new. You won´t believe it - maybe you will but not me. I ´ve just received a mail and

1 !!!!!! (Have to write it again : 1!!) book for the next block will be delivered on my b-day- what a present!;-))) just missing two others, but I´ll pick up "Envelopes" as well.

So, I try to follow my mind and finish at least 2 other things today (Help, the day is nearly over! But to keep the positive thoughts in mind- there will be the whole night! ;-)))))) what a great joke, have to practice more on that....

So, try to use time effectively, do one thing after the other- even unwanted stuff- because you´ll have to do it anyway. Enough advices for myself - I try to follow them now;-)
so have a good one!

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