Thursday, May 13, 2010


What the hell have I done!?! Just deleted my flag-counter while I was updating my blog! Wanted to delete something else...
About 250 Austrians, 55 Americans, 4 Swedes, 2 Japanese and the other 4 different countries I don´t remember... all my visitors are gone:-((( (and I liked to watch my flag-counter grow, can start again.) Damn! (Shouldn´t use such a word in my blog- but believe me, I want to use other ones...)

I´m too unconcentrated this week, too much going on. I also deleted something from another site, so take care, I can delete everything ......
But I try to see it positivly-have an unwanted draft? Don´t worry-I can help you to delete every single page :-/ and I didn´t delete my assignments and some feedback I wrote. Wow, success!!

I really need holidays and fortunatelly I´ll have the next 3 days off. Hope that helps and avoids the next delitions. ( How often did I use this word? Have to ----------- it when I use it the next time:-) See, it works, you won´t get annoyed reading about ---------- any longer. But it´s boring, too.
Think it´s time to go back to work- and I won´t have to use the computer.
So no chance for ------------ !!!

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