Saturday, May 1, 2010


Spring- music is in the air, birds are singing,...honestly not today, it´s raining. But it doesn´t matter, I´m enjoying a nice weekend. Maybe more than usually, because the next couple of days are full of appointments and celebrations. And full means really full, not just one meeting a day!Too much for me at once.
I like to meet people but always at the beginning of May all of my friends invite at once. I can understand, it´s warm outside, mostly, they woke up after a long winter´s nap, realize it´s spring, time for BBQs. OK. Maybe they should talk about their plans to avoid clash of appointments. And then some family celebrations, well, I love meeting them, spending time together. I love to celebrate others;-) The whole week will be just working and eating, eating and talking, talking - and having fun.
After that extensive parties and BBQs I hope it´ll be good weather for inline-skating. I´ll have to spend some hours in the inline-skates;-)
So enjoy your weekends, your BBQs and nice conversations!


It´s not really party-music but relaxing . It must be spring that influences me- or my home-country;-)
Strauß- "Voice of Spring- Waltz"

I know, it isn´t summer-but get a taste of it;-)
David Garrett- Summertime

One of my favorite operas -Bizet´s Carmen- played and adapted by David Garrett

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