Saturday, May 22, 2010

No pleasure without herbs

The Middle Ages- an interesting period of time. Interesting to read about, admire book-paintings!, visit castles, listen to music and so on.

But I´m glad about living nowadays. No danger of being burnt as an "herbal-witch";-) I have a passion for herbs. And fortunately my parents have a herbalgarden full of my favorite plants- chives, lemon balm, pepermint, many more and of course parsley!! I love it- just cook some potatoes with parsley and I need nothing else - it´s great! (But I wouldn´t refuse some other vegetables, a good fish or a piece of meat :-) Yummy- I´m hungry now.

Have to work on one assignment today -not an easy job. But my deadline is the end of May and so I have to do something today. The next 3 days are holidays where I have some appointments and no time for writing. But today is the first day without rain, storm and a little bit of sun......it´s hard to stay inside.

Just want to post this nice piece of Art, enjoy it and then go back to work. Happy weekend!

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