Monday, June 21, 2010

Bad Weather-stop-bad mood-stop-......

Have ordered tickets for an Open Air Theatre - have to go there tomorrow morning- don´t want to do it- too cold, rainy and windy- just about 55°F!! Summer has started today, we heated the oven in my parents house- at the end of June.......no words needed to describe my summerfeelings.
Damned, where is the summer this year?????? Just 4 really hot days-90°F+ .
Just 1 inlineskating day! Just 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frustrating.
How to keep a good optimistic mood during this extremly long lasting wet-cold season?
Any tips?

Just created another corner where I will advertise some blogs and some other stuff

Lit agent-

hope you have better weather...have a good one!

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