Thursday, June 24, 2010

Influence and other stuff

Am I really so depending on the weather? Well, not always but at the moment I seem to have a weather-dependent mood;-) A little bit. How easily a person can be influenced-what a shame! But after weeks with rain and low temperatures not so unusual. (OK, forgot the 3 or 4 sunny hot days in between;-)

5 days ago I took some pictures in Vienna-it was cold and rainy. People were wearing coats, hats and some of them boots, too. Remember, it was 20 June!

But the good thing was I wasn´t able to take flower pics (OK, again a correction- I didn´t want to take flower or landscape photos without a blue sky). So I focused my attention on other themes- reflection and art. Got some funny, some interesting and maybe some strange pics.

Like the following ones-can find some in my photo-corner soon.

Love to play with pictures and create something abstract;-) fun, fun, fun!

Just a few days, then I´ll have holidays!!! Can´t wait any longer...

I want nice weather for my holidays -yesterdays sky promissed a better one and fullfilled my desire- blue sky and sunshine! Time again for T-Shirts and maybe sandals tomorrow;-)

I bought something else on an ebay-auction- some hotel nights in... Curious?
Guess where! A) Milan B) Vienna C) Munich

You´ll see some photos of the surroundings in about 14 days.
So happy whatever you want to do;-)

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  1. Like you, I like sunny skies in my photos but living in UK it is not always possible. Hope you have blue skies for your holiday.


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