Saturday, June 5, 2010

Great time in Styria!

How relaxing short holidays can be:) Spent the last days in Styria-Austria on a little fruit farm.

View from my room- vineyard and apple trees opposite.

One day I visited a thermal bath- built by Hundertwasser, an Austrian Artist. It ´s an interesting style- comparable to Gaudi´s work in Spain, influenced by the Viennese Jugenstil, too. I really love his work.

After this relaxing day where I had time to read as well, I visited a "Buschenschank"- in Vienna the little bistro would be called "Heurigen". If you think, you know the German language, visit Styria. I had great difficulties in understanding this dialect. It´s a different culture as well sometimes;-)

In a Buschenschank you can eat cold meals there and drink excellent wines, fruit juices (apricot!!), too. I think I gained weight there:) It´s all sooooooo delicious!!!! You really have to try it one time!

To get a taste- here a 2 person meal- not just mine! Yummy!!!

I took so many pictures during these nearly 3 days- here are just some impressions from Styria. I´ll post many of them on my photo-corner.

Found the labyrinth today and walked it:)- in the SUN!!!! First sunny day since weeks!!!!!!

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