Saturday, June 19, 2010

I had a dream...

My blog-title reminds me now of M.L. King´s speach- wasn´t my intention.

I wish my day could have 37 hours- not 48, no, just 37. I´m modest. That would be enough . I think so. Otherwise I´ll change the number;-)

I would sleep 10 hours each day- it´s not interesting to read, I know.
But think of 3 hours more sleep! That would be soooo cool.
Left are 20 hours.

I would spend 12 on my daily work and on running the household.
8 left. Well, great.

So enough time for my family and friends. They´d appreciate it- me, too. 4 hours- would it be too much or not? No, think, I´d need more time for them. But if I´d have so much time to visit them daily, maybe it´s more than enough. More than everybody could stand;-)
They shouldn´t get spoiled / or maybe bored because of my visits;-)

How many left? Let´s see... well, 4 hours, right.

Then I could use 2 hours daily to write and revise my MS. So I could finish it maybe before my retirement! And the rest of these 37 hours I´d spend on my hobbies.
That would be so great!

But now, time to wake up and face reality.
My freezer is broken, have to finish my assignments, prepare P.´s and R´s b-day presents, one celebration is tomorrow, the other one next week ( a round one:-) with more than 50 people...like a marriage.Not my taste, too many people, not enough time to talk to everyone.

See, that´s why I need more hours;-)
What would you do with a 37 hours day?

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  1. I'd ride my bicycle more--take longer trips along the Hudson--and read more, of course!


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