Friday, January 28, 2011

Photos from Austria;)

Being able to spend time on writing is so great, I´ve missed it a lot;)
Now I use my free time for revising, blogging,... aahh, so cool and relaxing!
Like a cold drink in the heat...

To my revisions- I´m learning every day something new abbout my MCs, really interesting. I´ve forgotten so many thing, I´ve forgotten scenes I´ve written in November,...now many things, events or characters seem to be nearly new to me;)
So, it isn´t boring to act as a "detective" at the moment. (see last post)

I think, my second novel is written in a better way than my first.Shouldn´t sound arrogant, but writing a lot improves writing, that´s for sure. I really enjoy reading it. Well, the plot of novel 1 is more developed-because I could spend more time on writing it. That´s no excuse for plot 2;))) that one is ok for me.

I forgot the reason for posting today- to introduce a photographer, Julius Silver-
with great photos of Austria (and other countries)- check them out and enjoy the beauty of that country!

Photo-corner: Austria- by J. Silver

You have to have a look!!


  1. I think it's not being arrogant, but recognize your own work. And I'm curious to read it. :))

    WOW! Julius is really good!
    I traveled in his photos!

    Many beijos, honey, and many queijos to eat with this drink that seems to be delicious.


  2. I like his photos, too. Thought the same-traveling around the earth;)


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)