Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moon, Sun, Sci Fi, Music

 It´s nice to see you 2011 again;)

Due to my holidays here, I haven´t posted a lot- BUT...
I finished my second novel, that means, I have started to revise my novel;) Although this part of writing has always been the hardest for me.

Other interesting news? Nope.
Visited fam and friends, ate too much good food;) - nothing spectacular, but nice and relaxing.
Finally I had time to do really nothing for some days. Watched some movies- Avatar (great animation!), Chicago (great actors-R. Gere;)) C.Z. Jones, and phantastic music!!), Mamma Mia (the same description as before, just other actors;), Music of the heart (Touching story) , Doubt ( film adaptation of a Pulitzer Prize winning stage play, open end, great actors- Streep, Hoffman, Davis) ...some movies with one of my fav actresses-Meryl Streep.

Have you seen one of these?

Now back to something different. Astronomy.
The lights in the city are too bright for observing stars, therefore my telescope is placed in the countryside.
But unfortunately I couldn´t see a lot of the partial solar eclipse here on January , 4  ;( The weather was not that good.  I couldn´t observe anything during the holidays:(-- too many clouds again. But here a pic of the astronomic event:

Wish you a happy weekend!

Am 4. Jänner gab es eine partielle Sonnenfinsternis ...
                                                   Photo: Kleine Zeitung

Beethoven-Moonlight Sonate


  1. Thank you for this wonderful shot, honey!
    You're a really lovely person.

    I enjoyed reading about your days off.
    Life is made these small details.
    Sorry for not commenting much about...

    Starting tomorrow evening I'll be on vacation (20 days out of work! \o/) and then I can do nothing or do everything I wanted so long.

    See you another time more calmly.
    Beijos e queijos and...

  2. Enjoy your holidays, Teca! Beijos and queijos ;) Have a relaxing time!

  3. AstronomyPictureofTheDay has featured photos of the eclipse for the past 3 days. Check them out at http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html. I especially liked today's, from Siberia.

  4. Yes, thanks for the hint, Eli. You have seen the one from Graz, haven´t you? (Jan. 6);) but today´s pic is really great! Have to link it to my blog;)


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