Thursday, January 27, 2011

Move your body and have sore muscles;)))

After months of sitting and mostly writing, I decided to go to the gymn.
I had a plan for all the sports-lessons this week; One day Pilates, another day Aerobic and one day for Antara- a new mixture between Yoga and Pilates. Too many for the beginning, but with enough motivation you can plan everything;)
My last gymn lesson was in......September:(. So, it was time for some work out- although I didn´t really want to.
Guess, what has happened!
I hurt my knee a little bit and with couldn´t attend all these gymn classes. (Actually, I didn´t miss them ;) Now I´m ok and have started with some Yoga exercises at home.

You know the sun-salutation?
I have forgotten, how many muscles my body has. Now I know some more;) Outch!

Check it out and try it! It´s harder than it looks like;) but it´s relaxing as well. And next week I´ll start with one  sports lesson, or the next week, or...

New SCBWI blog  -Alice Pope
 So, move your body and have fun!


  1. Ahahahahaha
    You're lovely, honey! Go ahead and stay healthy! \o/ \o/
    I just do walk listening to music after I get home from work at night, at least three times a week. I feel very good about it.
    And... that's all folks! :)))

  2. wow, you are doing a lot more than I;)
    you know that video- from sundance film festival

  3. You are fantastic! Thank you for the video! I loved it! ^,^
    A very nice weekend.
    Beijos e queijos, honey!


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