Thursday, April 1, 2010


Think, I am getting more and more addicted to writing. I love revising my First Person Narrative, love to put learned theory into practice but sometimes I have to remind myself of doing other things as well.
Revising is really hard work and at the moment I change my writing every day. But I enjoy having time for working on the draft. I was so focused on writing that I got lost in time yesterday.
But today is Wednesday, right? Or Thursday?;-)lol .
I know it´s April Fools´ Day. What a day! We´re a great and funny group of people and it was an amusing day as well. Like in the old days, back at school;-)
And after course E. and I decided to go to an ice cream parlor to get the first icecream this year. On the way to the Metro station we wondered about the huge bunch of nicely dressed people in front of the Opera. We got curious went back to the building and there we read about the reason for that crowd of people- Wagner´s Parsifal was played today! My friend had worked in the Opera for some time and knew some people there. We decided to visit them and as quickly as we went inside we could watch Parsifal from the standing places. That was so comical and surreal, the whole situation.We both dressed in Jeans (I´ve never thought to attend the opera like this!!!!! I used to be dressed up for these events:-) + Wagner. But we just stayed there for more than 40 minutes, that was enough, ´cause Wagner is neither my friend´s favorite musician nor mine and it was a modern version, too. Simply too modern but it was worth attending the opera. What a cool day! I´m ready for the next! Can´t stop smiling at the moment so have a funny day, too!

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