Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tomorrow, tomorrow,...

Tandelion-photos, taken today.

It was again a beautiful and finally warm day in spring. I couldn´t resist going out although I had to finish a lot of work at home; but it´s hard to work indoors when the sun is shining outside. But tomorrow! Reminds me of the musical Annie (See music-corner below).

With most of my work I´m right in time. I have set myself deadlines otherwise I won´t have holidays this year. Today I got stuck in writing another assignment -that was another reason for leaving the flat. Had to get some inspiration - without success. But maybe tomorrow...

Still I´m wondering if it makes sense to risk something in life. I mean in my "writing life". I discussed this theme in an earlier post (called Clouds).I wrote a story in the past tense form and my readers found it ok. Later I revised my final draft again and I switched to the present tense form to create more tension -and I found this version fitting, too. Well, I´m the writer. It´s my job, no, I want to write in a way that pleases me (and my readers, hopefully;-)But I didn´t confer about my final changes... so, what next?Submit the discussed version or risk submitting the other story?
Have to find a solution for that- tomorrow.
I hope my day tomorrow will have more than 24 hours-
will see it tomorrow...

Music-corner: Annie´s song "Tomorrow"


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