Friday, April 16, 2010


Again partial airport closures in Europe- Switzerland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Russia and
Austria´s airports will be closed in one hour. That hasn´t happened before in the European aviation history.

Why I´m writing about all these closures? Well, I have been interested in aviation and geophysics since my youth. After my school leaving examination in physics I wanted to study geophysics. But you have be aware that math plays the main part in this field of study and math wasn´t my favourite subject.

But my interest in these subjects is unbroken and for the first time aviation and geophysics are combined in a unexpected way.( And BTW some friends of mine travel a lot and they keep me updated)

Besides the volcanic ash clouds that cover my mind, I have to find a topic for my own studies, write a reflexion and finish my last draft. Too many clouds around, hope the sun will come
I have to decide whether to write the final piece in one tense or split it - and use 2 different tenses. I´m not sure if I´m bold enough to use 2 tenses. (Have never used 2 before)
But that´s not all about courage- about reasonableness as well.
Back to writing now! Nice weekend!

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