Monday, April 5, 2010

Different ideologies

Today I got involved in a religious- philosophical discussion.
Eastertime- in some religions the highlight of the religious year.
2 very religious people, 1 atheist and I.
I ´d call myself a religious person, part of a church and open for various religions and themes.
Whether you believe in God, in Buddha, in the Spirits of Ancestors or in Mother Nature or not,
I think it´s helpful to have any kind of belief.
I think I can be a religious person without attending mass every Sunday. Very religious people deny that fact and the atheist as well. That could be another discussion.
We talked about religion and philosophy, especially about Nietsche´s nihilism and the "Simpsons"- yes, there is philosophy in that cartoon. (But we avoided to discuss the Art of drawing, whether Lisa is drawn in a beautiful way or not, the color Yellow...)
we shared our opinion about the problems in the Catholic churches,....and religious education. What a topic! Especially when parents don´t share an opinion on religion.
An atheist, a father and a religious woman, the mother. But they decided to raise their kid without any kind of religious education.
They want the kid to decide about whether to become a religious person or not some day.
I love philosophical discussions but it´s hard to stay neutral sometimes.
And I couldn´t stay neutral. Should I have to?
I didn´t want the parents to argue about that theme.
How can a kid choose between different ideologies
without having opportunities to experience any kind of religious life?
Can a kid choose? Or just an adult?

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