Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Finally I found a solution for my "writing-problem" today. I mean the one with the 2 tenses.
Writing in 1 or in 2 tenses, that was the question.
I decided to write just in the past tense form -it was the easiest way to avoid disappointment.
Well, and I´m a rational person- often. Risking something will make sense if you are sure to do the right thing. Without this inner confidence it´s not clever to try something -especially when you know that your writing will be graded.

Solution found, risk avoided, thrill deleted:-( Too bad!

Have to find another kick, maybe I should change something in my other draft - the tenses, the main characters, the whole plot,...just kidding;-) what else? But maybe.... you´ll see after my first revision- just ask me in 30 years or so:-) lol

Today seems to be my funny one maybe because I´m so happy that I finished 2 assignments out of 6 (for the last and the next block- my personal deadline is no later than the end of June, so I´ll have one week of before starting the 4. block. Hope , I´ll be ready sooner. This week I´ll finish the next 2 pieces. Quickly? No. I´ve just written a lot on different pieces this month....
and finally success!

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