Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jet lag

My world right now- a bit upside down. After my course I feel like having a jet lag, tired,...
A friend of mine asked me to revise something. I did it as good as possible, but
I didn´t save the whole corrected version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(((((((
I´m so angry about that mistake that I have to calm me. Horrible! The work of one hour deleted- no, just not saved. Have to do it again--------------
How could it happen!!!!???!!! To unconcentrated....
Wanted to post something about my wonderful trip to a lake, will do it tomorrow, now I´m not in the right mood to write about something beautiful.
So never ever forget saving a file!


  1. Pre-computer days, people used to keep their manuscripts in fire-proof metal boxes. It's too bad you lost that work, but imagine your entire manuscript blowing out the open back door of a van barreling down the highway (that happened to an acquaintance of mine in the early 1980s)--on his way to the photocopier!

  2. You are absolutely right.It could have been worse. Poor man! I had more luck because I could reproduce my work easily.


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