Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello world

World, how are you?
Todays pictures
I love trees- this picture is a bit strange....
Spring motive

Since Saturday I ´ve followed the same daily routine-


-Catch one train (How I hate all the delays!)

-Catch the rapid transit railway

-Take the subway

-Writing and Reading Workshop +lunch

-Drive home 50 km by subway,.....

-Dinner (Can I call it dinner?)
-Send a life signal to fam and friends

-Write and Read till.......I fall


So today I decided to make a break for some hours. I had to go out for a while to move my body and look what´s going on ousite my "course-world". I took some pictures and now I want to write something else.

Although it´s very exhausting I´m enjoying the course. I work on my First Person Narrative about one trip to Greece and at the moment I try to revise my 3rd draft. Writing´s real fun for me although it´s not easy, but everyday after confering I always get new ideas for revisions, I love that. And I learn a lot about how to revise- it´s so interesting;-) Can use that for my MS, too. But with the knowledge about global, local revisions,... I´m not sure if I´ll ever be able to revise my whole MS ( about 180 pages). I´ve been working on my course-draft since Saturday- just 3!!!! pages.
Yeah,......uhmm,.....well,.......never give up would be a good advice for myself.


There is no such thing as good writing, just good rewriting;-) L.D.Brandeis

So, now back to work. Have a good Pre-Easter time!

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