Saturday, March 6, 2010


What´s the best about bad weather? Working at home without the desire to go out. Actually I had to go out to buy something, so I got a breath of fresh air to get new ideas for my writing. Some days ago I took my bike and drove to my parents´ village, we had spring temperatures, 60° F; now just about 28° F !! and snow storm. Crazy weather...

But I´m enjoying a nearly perfect weekend. I have finished a lot of my work during the week, so there is much time to spend on writing, reading and sleeping:-) Yep!

As you already know I´ve started to revise my draft. Well, I changed the whole first page and deleted all.(The deletion was the worst part. But I remembered an advice and copied these paragraphes into a new document to save them in case of needing them again.)
And of course I have saved the complete "old" and unrevised version as well.

But after rereading the new beginning I realized something unexpected. My today´s style of writing seems to be different from the one I used last November. Maybe I can describe this style to be a more vivid one, but all in all my writing has changed a bit.
Changes aren´t bad, they can help developing something new.
Well again one of my great philosophical sentences (sometimes I need to be a bit ironically;-) but I suppose, this statement doesn´t help me at all .

NANOWRIMO (thanks to B. for the hint) has changed a lot in my life. Since November I have written nearly every day. Never before have I written more in my entire life, I´ve really missed a lot of fun and challenges. But never more, I won´t give up writing:-)

But now I wonder if I can adapt my novel to my "new" style of writing. Would I have to change the whole MS? OMG! Could I do it? What a question. I could do it, if I had to. But at the meantime I should try to stay focused on revising the story bit by bit.
Maybe just I see/ feel a big difference at the beginning, which has been the beginning of my writing... maybe another reader wouldn´t see or read what I´m feeling about the introduction.

The problem for me is that I cannot judge whether it changed to the better or not. I have to revise the first pages a bit more to send the new beginning to B. I´m curious about the feedback.

So I want to revise my MS in the way I´m writing now, I have to do it , because I cannot stand some sentences. So enough to do, but I like it;-)

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