Saturday, March 13, 2010

Antiques- Art

Yesterday I met some people from the course- had a funny time with lots of food (Japanese!) and conversations. Really great fun although it was very stormy and cold in V.
Today I stood up at 6 in the morning despite the fact I could sleep in. Drat!
I am so used to my daily routine....I cannot stand it in my spare time.
But -the good news-
I had enough time to write and visit a friend and my family at noon.
There I discovered an old piece of art- in my eyes. Nearly 100 years old. Someone embroidered it at the age of 11! It´s interesting to discover family history;-)
It is half as old as my solution from the picture puzzle-

A friend gave that old radio to me- I love the design. Reminded me of my grandfather´s radio.
And I love to combine old and new pieces in my flat. I like that mixture although I don´t have a lot of old stuff here. But the highlight of my collection is my old wooden double organ (+pulldown pedals) and because of limited space here I stored it at my parents´house.

So, writing and reading- today.
Sometimes I am in the mood to read poems. And today I was in the right mood for writing some.
And after revising my MS in the morning, I wanted to write something different.
But now, back to some reading for the next block.

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  1. Love the embroidery. You're lucky to have such a treasure.


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