Friday, March 5, 2010


At the moment time flies with unbelievable speed. This week I got lost in Word documents, books, in talks with friends,...so I didn´t waste time at all, I finished a lot.

I took some time to play a bit with my newest toy- my cyber travel map. It´s a welcome possibility to recall the past, recall all my journeys.
Long time ago I marked all the places I had seen on a world map, now I do the same in another way. I like it and I was astonished to realize that I´ve seen more than I´ve thought of.
It took some time to rethink journeys and think of all the cities I´ve been to. It´s not so easy to remember all places, because I´ve been traveling since my childhood. I even cannot recall all my flights.....
I am a little bit frustrated that I have forgotten a lot, many names of cities, places but now I calm myself despite that fact.
I´m not too old, I´ve just traveled a lot, that´s all:-)

With 14 or 15 I made my first trip overseas - with my family. They transmitted the travel genes to me;-)- so I always have to travel to see the world. And for me (who knows and appreciates to live on the bright side of life) world travel has always been enriching- culturally as well as personally.


“Experience, travel - these are as education in themselves” I love that one! It´s so true for my life.

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