Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring! Spring! Spring!

First flowers this year.
I love walking around and taking pictures especially in spring. I love flowers. I love nature. Today I nearly loved everything. It was about time to see some colors out there. And walking in the sun, in the fresh air is lovely, so relaxing!:-)
I´m glad I took that time today with my friend and her daughter. I won´t have much time next week so I have to arrange many things tomorrow and Friday .
The next course will start on Saturday. I look forward to it, think I´ll learn something new about writing as well. Maybe I´ll get new ideas for my MS;-), too. As always I´m a bit worried about my "conversation skills", unfortunately I don´t have much possibilities for practicing but I´ll do my best. Yeah, a challenge again!

I like the play between shadow and light, the contrast of the colors,...

So, happy spring to all of you!
Enjoy your lives,
don´t worry to much
and keep your eyes open
for all the beautiful things around you:-)

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  1. Love the crocuses--they're coming up in NYC as well. And good luck/best wishes for the next course. I'm sure you'll do well!


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