Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Thought about my reading and the main themes in literature today. I know, there are too many to mention. At the moment many of my stories deal with the themes of relationship, love (how unexpected), fear, death, age and race relations.

How do these themes affect my writing?
I think of my MS where all these topics are represented.
Hmm, interesting...
So, how does literature affect our lives? Or vice versa?
Seems to be a "thoughtful" evening:-)

I think of another blog-post and the movie "The hours" where all the main characters are affected by the same story. Interesting movie based on V. Woolf´s Mrs. Dalloway- with a great actresses- especially M. Streep. (I love nearly all of her movies.)

How does reading affect my writing and what about the other way round?
How can my writing influence my reading between the lines, my interpretations?
Thinking, thinking and thinking...thinking it´s too late for these kinds of questions-
but no question at all-
literature affects our live, that´s for sure.
And everybody has to find out how.

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