Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Revisions- a challenge. But what a challenge!

I´m not quite sure this to be true, because I have never written a novel before,but revisions seem to be the hardest part of writing. Actually they are the most challenging part for my writing. I was happy to find some time for my novel, but after a short time I had to start writing this post. So much easier for me now.
I had to stop revising because I got so angry about my own inability to find the fitting beginning..........xljfgkhjrigfnbadfghn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What´s the best way to find a good starting sentence??
Or how should a novel end?
My problem is not knowing how to revise a book. And by reading many online articles I even got more confused than before, so I decided to stop reading them. I miss my writing buddy, but in January writing will change to the better- hopefully.
Maybe tomorrow is a better day for revisions:-) Who knows?
Now it´s time to listen to X-mas songs to calm down:-) another x-mas show from Vienna-
Domingo, Carreras, Pavarotti---Feliz Navidad!

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