Sunday, December 20, 2009


...it´s so cold at the moment, about 0,4° F!! But I visited my Goddaughter, we baked 4 ! different kinds of cookies, made a gingerbread house, so it was warm and cosy in the kitchen;-)
Then we played with her doll, I had to read some X-mas stories with her and after a while we drank a big mug of tea. Oh, how I like tea! Especially in the winter.
Just finished Dirie´s"Desert flower" I am thankful that I didn´t have to make the author´s horrible experiences. It´s eyeopening, and brought me to another culture. The author is now spokeswoman for the UN against female genitale mutilation.Really impressive woman, who has also lived in my country.
Have ordered some new books, 3 for the next course (at Easter time)...
Only 2 days , then holidays will beginn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! I do need them urgently!
Here´s another X-mas song this time from an Austrian group-enjoy!

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