Saturday, December 19, 2009

WAW-What A Week!!

This week was(is) exhausting, 1.accident of my father- thank God he´s alive, 2. Friend of mine lost her baby 3. my job...
What a week, and then I read the latest news from Denmark´s climate conference.
I pinned my hope for saving climate on the climate summit in Copenhagen, what shall I say, it nearly failed.
According to the L.A. Times ´the Copenhagen Accord sets emission limits but isn't legally binding. It's vague on details and has infuriated smaller nations and environmentalists. The U.N. chief calls it 'an essential beginning.'
Well, the great problem is that the emission limits aren´t binding. So what? Every state can decide on his own whether to fulfill the contract or not. What a great deal! It´s a bit frustrating.
But now I have to remind myself of the positive aspects- well, met my nice and nephew, had lunch with a friend, met S.in the coffeeshop, celebrated b-day with C., finally found a x-mas present for D., find it relaxing to write( although the problems of revision hasn´t changed.
Why is it so difficult for me to reread all those 50.000+ words once more and revise it? Actually I had read them once...
What´s my problem with the beginning and the end of my novel?
Maybe I am a bit too tired to revise it. Maybe I´m a bit too busy at the moment.

X-mas song for today- We are the world

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