Monday, December 14, 2009

Under pressure?!?!?

I wonder if I have to set a deadline for the revisions of the fírst draft. I had limited time to write a novel and it worked for me , maybe I need some pressure to become a more creative writer...lol
But actually I did set a deadline for the first draft- the end of the year.
I ´m afraid that I won´t have much time for the first revisions. But I feel my writing needs a lot of revisions- more than I can handle:-) But I´ll do my best!

I read that a good novel needs short sentences-fewer than 15 words- an award winning author wrote somewhere. Fewer than 15 words.....well, one opinion among many others. But I believe it´s true, ´cause too long sentences are a bit irritating sometimes

Today I visited my sister and her husband and my little nephew and my niece-they are so cute at the moment:-), tomorrow meeting M. and A. in the city and then on Saturday is C.´s birthday, on Sunday I have to bake cookies with my goddaughter, OMG, nearly no time to write on the weekend , too:-(

But I´ll find some time to write. It´s interesting how important writing can become .

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