Thursday, December 31, 2009

Something funny at the end of the year:-)

Believe it or not, these are pigs:-)
....the pig traditionally is a lucky charm here... so I baked some for New Year´s Day. I know, they look like Halloween-monsters, but they taste good;-)
I´ll celebrate the beginning of 2010 with my family tonight. We nearly prepared everything for dinner. We´ll eat fondue with different kinds of meat- and many vegetables:-) Then we´ll play some games, watch TV and wait untill midnight to watch the fire-work, to waltz (On the blue Danube) and "Bleigießen"- a New Year's Eve custom of telling fortunes by the shapes made by molten lead dropped into cold water. It´s funny! Then it´s time to sleep a bit to be ready for the great performance of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra- on January, 1. You have to find a way to see and listen to that concert- you´ll see beautiful sights of Austria, too. Now, to all of you a beautiful last day of the year 2009!
NEW YEAR´S CONCERT 2010 with the Vienna Philharmonic. Julie Andrews welcomes the New Year with TV audiences, with Georges Prêtre leading the Vienna Philharmonic in a selection of Strauss Family favorites. Worth watching and/or listening!!!
Highly recommended :-) !!

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