Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you!! Another year´s over, time flees...
Today another New Year´s family tradition- I watched the New Year´s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by George Pretre-who is 85 years old! (I hope I will be able to play my instruments in that age,
too;-) ) It was a wonderful concert, like always, filled with many pieces from the Strauss Family. A friend of mine got a ticket as a birthday+Xmas-present- it was so expensive, I´d buy a ticket to NY instead (in the high-season!) and stay there for a week. But to each his own. She enjoyed the concert and so did I.

I realized that I haven´t thought about my New Year´s goals till now-
well, one goal definitely is to improve my foreign languages in reading, writing AND speaking, another goal is to do my best in the coming courses, I want to revise my novel till my mother´s birthday, (she wants to read it)... but I´m afraid that won´t be possible, her bday is in February!
Other goals? I have to start painting my father´s bday picture, but first of all I need an idea for this painting . It has to fit in his "Russian room" and that´s not easy ( all wallpapers are the same like the ones of the Bernsteinzimmer in the Eremitage in St. Petersburg,...not my style, but to each his own. After my parents´journey from Finland to Russia he was so impressed by this room that my parents changed the guestroom into a "Bernsteinzimmer") Back to my goals- so I have to paint something , but the length of the frame is more than a meter. I have never done such a big painting before. I´ll see what´ll happen.

And maybe I´m able to do the Skate Marathon this year, but I´m afraid I won´t have the time to practice because of the courses in July and August. Or I ´d skate only 21 km (if my knees allow me to do that.) I have to do more sports, that´s for sure! Evertime I wanted to be part of that challenge either I had troubles with my knees or the weather was too bad...:-(
Then I want to read more, write more,...............

The more I think about goals, the more goals come into my mind, that´s good so. That makes life interesting and challenging, too.

Music-Corner: New Year´s Concert 2008 with the same conductor like this year-George Pretre´ with the 2 favorite pieces -
1. Blue Danube-waltz
2. Radetzkymarsch

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