Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Guess who was coming for dinner?A friend and her little son and Bongo-bear. The boy liked to play Bongos- I hope my neighbors didn´t mind the noise. Well , it was music- said the boy. But -or because of that too-we had a funny time together:-)

The rhythm of the instrument reminded me of Friday´s concert. I ´ll go to V. to attend a concert-Live from Buena Vista - Cuban music. Check out the music-corner:-)
Now I´ll write the 2. part of my feedback for B., this time it´s a real challenge. After reading a touching story I am faced with many feelings and thoughts. I have to bring all of them in a order- what a challenge:-) Great, yeah! Thoughtful work again!
Then I ´ll revise some pages of my draft, but if I read like an editor, there won´t exist many pages at the end and I´ll have to write another new draft. Well, that´s revising, I think so;-)

Buena Vista Social Club- enjoy!



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