Saturday, January 30, 2010


Menue from today´s Kenyan cooking class:
- Appetizer: Kenyan Tea with milk (very British) with sweet potatoes and Kassava (roots).
Just peel as much roots and potatoes you like to eat and cook them for 30 minutes with some salt.
Add some coconutmilk, salt and curry-paste- ready.
- Main dish: Matoke and smoked fish
Matoke looks like a green banana, but you have to peel and cook it, till it´s yellow.
Changes the color through cooking-from white to yellow. Mash them-ready again.
Stir-fry diced oninons, tomatoes and pepper, after some minutes add 3
teaspoons peanutbutter, salt and garlic.

And guess what? Ready again. It´s a quick meal, I was very interested in learning how to use the roots , sweet-potatoes and matoke. It was a culinary travel into another world- a fascinating experience,
but all in all I prefer Asian, Austrian, American, Italian, Spanish,...food.

So , tomorrow night I´ll fly with my best friend to Amsterdam. There I´ll have to taste different kinds of old cheese, and, what else? There are restaurants from all over the world.Have to discover them:-) Each day lunch or dinner from another country;-) Yummy!
Music-corner: African music
Miriam Makeba - The Click Song 1966
N'Kosi Sikeleli Africa- South African National Anthem

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