Sunday, January 17, 2010

Revisions are necessary

Revising is essential- have to keep that in mind! I have a little ( that´s understated;-)
revision-fight at the moment, but... it´s necessary!?! Who will win the fight?
My draft or I, who want to change some parts of it? I hope, I´ll be the winner some day in the future:-)

It´s so hard to delete words, sentences or whole passages, even though they aren´t important for the novel. I haven´t thought that it would be so difficult to erase sentences. I knew I´d have to rewrite some parts and it sounds a bit strange, but it´s so hard to let them go;-)
I´m so used to them , and writing them was so much work:-)
...BUT REVISING ( eliminating some parts) IS IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY!
O well.....but I have to think positive. I´ll do it!

Today I´ll have dinner in V. - in a tower 150m above ground, I received a voucher, wouldn´t do it otherwise..but it´s another experience...


  1. One solution to the deletion challenge is to move the deleted text to a new file--save it, because you may find a use for it somewhere. Also, be sure to keep a copy of the original text pre-deletion. These moves help make the deletion less final. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for your suggestion!
    I´ll try it this way;-)


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