Friday, January 22, 2010

Culture is so important!

Need more cultural "studies" - more culture- to get new ideas;-) Tomorrow I´ll start with another trip to V., this time to visit the exhibition about impressionism. Then in the first week of February I´ll visit the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank´s museum in Amsterdam. I´ll stay there for 5 days and I look forward to it. I didn´t want to go skiing during the holidays because I have some troubles with my knees and it´s too cold- definitely! Well, I´m getting older, I need warmth;-) lol

At the moment I avoid thinking of my draft- it´s too frustrating. I can´t read it at the moment, because I find it so booring - only few sentences or passages are quite ok, but that´s not much.
My family wants to read the draft now, but I don´t want to hand it out at that moment of time.
For me it´s unfinished, and I only want to give them a draft that seems to be nearly "perfect" in my eyes. It will never be perfect, but I want to be satisfied after reading it. Maybe I set my expectations too high and I´ll never reach that aim. But I want to try it, but I´m afraid it will take years to finish it.
Maybe I need to set a deadline for finishing the revisions? Or would that be too much pressure?
My o my....

On Sunday I ´ll finish to read B.´s draft and I look forward to writing my feedback. B´s style of writing is really good- impressing-and maybe that´s why I can´t read my own draft after reading that novel.
But I won´t give up, I like writing too much. I try to follow B´s advice about deletion( thanks for that!), then I´ll see.

O Mr. Earbrass!

Music- corner: Mozart- time-

Piano Concerto No. 21 - Andante-I love it

Mozart´s Ave verum

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