Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pictures and books= picture-books

That´s my first picture (Chicago)- and my latest picture (Venice) -both short-listed for inclusion in a Venice/Chicago Guide. I´m a bit proud of that fact, although they aren´t my favorite pictures, but I like them and it´s good to know others like them , too;-)

Today I bought an Amsterdam Guide, have to spend some time reading it. I´ve been there once with my mum, but that was way back. I look forward to visiting the museums and to admiring the architecture there. Cute but small buildings, the "Grachten"= the small canals remind me a little bit of Venice or Stockholm (although the canals are bigger there).

To my writing and reading:
I want to revise my draft after my holidays, then I´ll be relaxed (really? I always need holidays afterwards because I walk the whole week through a town to see everything) and in February I´ll have to be ready for it.
Reading is funny at the moment because of the variety of genres. At the moment I´m switching between different languages and kinds of books. Each day another one;-)
I read "Walk 2 Moons", a National Geographic book about Trekking in New Zealand, something about Tibet and the Panchen Lama, today I´ve started to read the Bible for research, then there is the Amsterdam Guide, tonight´s project, another NY Guide (one of many, but I love travelling, especially in the States, Europe and Australia; Therefore I have nearly 2 shelves full of travel guides,...have to go through and sort them out one day, well, one day...) and I received 2 stories from B. Great!
Now I´m realizing I ´m reading more than I`ve thought. That´s good.

Lang-Lang playing Liszt on the piano

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