Sunday, December 13, 2009

My first post- the beginning and the end

Well, that´s it. My first post here. So, let´s go ! Why I´m doing this? Because of fun and hope- I think it´s a funny and interesting possibility to write about whatever is going on in my mind and life, and hopefully I get new ideas for my own writing. So it´s again a new challenge.

What a year! One challenge follows the other one -block 1, block 2, NaNoWriMo, Flickr and now my Round Colored Corner. I like these challenges:-) Although sorting my pictures was quite easy in comparison with finding an end and a beginning for my writing. I have to mention that I have thousands of photos from all my journeys through all the continents and finding my 200 favorites was not that easy.

But now, how to find the fitting end for a story? Do I have an end or just the beginning of the end??
And what about the beginning? I believe, mine is too boring and obvious, too direct. I had a short conversation with M., she told me the highest art of writing is to develop a thrilling storyline where not everything is known from the beginning.

Well, sounds great but it´s so hard! Harder than writing 50.000+ words within a month. So I thought about my novel, was there enough tenseness? Yeah, some parts in the middle are quite ok, but .....beginning,.....end......

Today I spoke with P. about my beginning, he said it would be a very direct one, but he loves to know the characters right from the beginning, he doesn´t want to find out, who they are ...
...so won´t ask more people , because it´s for sure, I have to find my own way of writing the end and the beginning.

..but, all in all I´m really a little bit proud of my own writing. Although it´s not perfect, I do like some passages, some characters. My sister was asking me, when she would get the finished novel . I had to laugh because I´m not sure if I ever will come to an end with my writing:-)
But I try to get to a good second draft until January to send it to B., so I have to get new ideas to send not a bad one. Time to think about it now.

And to post my first X-mas song:-) (X-mas in Vienna with P. Domingo, D. Ross, J. Carreras http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTdpY1jtvEM

and a picture of a christmas-market (Belvedere). I like the reflections of the stars, well, only some days to Christmas eve, and I don´t have got all the presents yet.

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