Monday, December 21, 2009

X-mas present

My first X-mas present from my Goddaughter:-) She is 3 years old and a very vivid little person. She told me everything about her picture. Every little detail was named and I had to promise to hang up the picture in my flat. I had to take that picture and send it to her. By the way she was very giving after baking cookies, I got about 2o masterpieces from her work in kindergarten. She is a lovely child, like my nice and nephew;-)
I really look forward to celebrating Christmas with them at my parent´s house. Will be nice there, like every year.In 3 days we will sit in the livingroom, near the tiled stove, sing x-mas songs, read from the bible, my sister and I will play with some instruments-maybe flute and guitar.That reminds me of having to practice a little bit.
I won´t sing because I nearly have no voice and tomorrow we celebrate Christmas at work with all the people around. Sing songs, dance, act,...I will be glad when that is over.
Then it´s time to wrap the last presents, help to cook for all of us if necessary.(I know I won´t have a chance to cook , because my father and my mother want to cook, like always, yummie!!!)
Here comes a Last Christmas -guitar version
and another unusual version of a winter song "Let it snow"

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