Saturday, May 21, 2011

Life-Ball 2011 in Vienna with Bill Clinton, Janet Jackson, Brooke Shields,.....

Tonight Europe´s biggest HIV/Aids-fundraiser event will take place in Vienna.

Here you´ll find other videos of that event.

Celebrating the joy of life and the diversity of cultures, Life Ball unites the Viennese ball tradition with opulence, extravagance, glamour, provocation, fancy performances, committed speeches as well as emotional moments.(Life-ball 2011)



  1. Exuberant!
    I apologize for the run... I'm so busy lately...
    Have a wonderful week, honey.
    Beijos, queijos, flores, cores and love.

    See you as possible!

  2. I can understand you-- sometimes life is challenging and time flies;) Have a great Sunday as well, my dear!

  3. Looks like it will be a great event. Have a wonderful week my friend!

  4. Thanks, Kala! I watched the opening ceremony via TV, it was great! Have a good week, too and enjoy it.

  5. A great event for a great cause!

  6. You are right,Jim, welcome here at my corner;)

  7. Tomorrow I'll travel to take a course and return on Friday night. See you at the weekend, ok?
    Is it alright with you, honey?
    I missed you a lot.

    Beijos, queijos, flores, cores e amores.
    Boa noite, minha amiga. :))

  8. Hi Teca--hope , you had a great week with an interesting course;) at the moment I have troubles with my laptop- it´s broken, had to borrow my friend´s one. I won´t post a lot- hope to get it repaired soon- have a great weekend, lots of beijos, queijos, ...minha amiga, boa noite!

  9. Hi, honey, boa noite! :))
    I arrived yesterday from the course!
    I have so much to answer now... I come here and let you see a special kiss.
    Hopefully your laptop gets well soon!
    My PC is old but still not let me down.
    See you then more calmly, mARTy.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Beijos, flores e queijos, amiga querida.


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