Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother´s Day;)


A Mother...

 When you're a child she walks before you,

To set an example.

When you're a teenager she walks behind you

To be there should you need her.

When you're an adult she walks beside you

So that as two friends you can enjoy life together..




Happy weekend!    


  1. Thank you for all! I loved the flowers, the words and the different music.

    Mothers are like flowers.
    We support all stages of life, whether in drought or in the flood.
    Children are the greatest richness of our life.
    I love being a mom. That is what has fueled my days on the planet.
    And... I love my mother! Along with my father, she was the best blanket in my life.

    Have a nice weekend, honey!
    Wish you the best.
    Beijos, queijos, flores e cores.

  2. I´m happy that you enjoyed my post;)Obrigada! I just baked a cake for my mother:)
    And your quote ón mum´s and children is wonderful-thanks for sharing! Have a great evening and enjoy some music;)
    Beijos, queijos, flores e colores, minha amiga- bom dia;)


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)